New Product - Tiki Cat Raw

Tiki Cat.jpg

It’s here! It’s here! For those furry feline customers that have been saddened by the loss of a very specific tub-based raw cat food…your time has come! Tiki Cat Raw is now available for immediate consumption. We’re beyond excited to be stocking this one. Currently available in chicken or turkey formulas in both an 8 ounce and a 24 ounce container. Stop in today and see for yourself! And if you’re curious about the safety of feeding Tiki Cat Raw, see the note from the manufacturer below.

Tiki Cat Raw undergoes High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP) for food safety and its resealable packaging allows it to maintain its freshness and provides safe storage. In addition, the product is made at a proprietary SQF3 Certified manufacturing plant, in full compliance with regulatory requirements and in a controlled environment specifically designed for the production of raw meat products.