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Holiday Gift Guide

Are you looking for the perfect gift or your pet this year and you’re uncertain on what to get them? Maybe you need something for a neighbor or a friend?

Ginger Beds

Ginger Beds

Locally made and extraordinarily comfortable.

Sirius Orbit.jpg

Sirius Orbit Jackets

Handmade and for a great cause!

Ginger Beds have quickly become one of our most popular lines of beds this year! We were fortunate enough to have established a great relationship with the makers of these Portland made beds and they have been an absolute hit in the short period of time we’ve had them in our store. Durable, well made and very snuggle-worthy!

Sirius Orbit was founded with the simple idea of making affordable, stylish, high quality canine apparel with a local twist. All of the net proceeds that come from the sales of the Sirius Orbit line of apparel go to The Pixie Project. These jackets have been a hit ever since we brought them into the store. Très chic!


Westpaw Qwizl

Made for the inquisitive. Made for the expert chewer.

Barking Buddha.jpg

Beef Cheeks

This rawhide alternative is exploding with flavor!

The Westpaw Qwizl has established itself as an everlasting hit in our sea of toys. It comes as no surprise, with Westpaw making some of the most durable rubber toys on the market! What sets this unique boredom buster apart from the rest is it’s ability to adapt. Used alone, it’s a durable and rugged rubber bone style toys that’s great for avid chewers. But pair it with bully sticks, sausages and…well, darn near anything long and skinny enough to fit into it and you have a stellar time consuming goodie!

We’ve only had the Barking Buddha beef cheeks in our store for a short four months or so now but during that time it has consistently shown that it’s an absolute favorite among discerning doggos. These treat are a great chew alternative for the standard rawhide chews and they are much more digestible!  They are additive free, chemical free and preservative free, using a natural cleaning method and with a slow baking process.

Sweet Pickles.jpg

Sweet Pickles Bow Ties

Looking stylish has never been more accessible.

Royal Meow.jpg

Royal Meow Kitty Castles

Durable, creative cat furniture with local flair!

Whether you’re out sunning yourself on a warm spring day, in the living room attempting to catch that ever-elusive laser or just having some “me time” on the litter box, you can do it with style. We’ve been supporters of this Portland made brand for quite a while now and it continues to bring smiles to our customers faces. These bow ties are easily attached to your existing collar for easy maintenance and are now available in dog and cat sizes!

Cats are of course in charge of the household. We all know this. What better way to accept them as our rulers than to provide them with the most luxurious of facilities in which to nap, play or just plain create havoc. The Royal Meow line of cat furniture has been a fixture here at Western Pet for many years and folks come from all around to find that perfect post for their feline friends. Our selection is broad and varied; good for keeping even the most picky of kitties happy.

Walking Palm.jpg

Walking Palm Cat Caves

Handmade, soft, comfy and just right for kitties.

Mad Cat.jpg

Mad Cat Catnip Toys

Some of the best designs we’ve seen in a long time!

Made from the finest organic, merino wool; the Walking Palm cat caves are a solid pick for your kitty this year. The natural properties in the wool help to keep your kitty clean and smelling better. The natural instincts cats have draw them to the unique design of these wonderful beds. We continually get positive feedback from customers on these and often hear about how much the fur babies love them. Two sizes are available as well!

We’ve had many a laugh at the great options that have come from the Mad Cat line of cat toys. Yetis, lumberjacks, gnomes, mustaches, chicken & waffles…these are but a small sampling of the wonderfully creative choices available within the realm of Mat Cat. Packed with Silvervine and catnip, these toys have consistently sold well this year and we’re certain that Santa will be filling stockings with these on Christmas morning.