Poultry Food and Treats

Poultry Food & Treats

Portland and poultry. It’s quickly become a love affair that can’t go wrong. You can most certainly look to us for your poultry needs. We have a fairly large supply of the basics to keep your coop tidy and clean and your chickens well fed.


We currently stock the Albers line of chicken/poultry feeds. From 5lb bags of layer feed and all purpose poultry mix to 25lb bags of scratch, scratch grains, layer and all purpose. We also have 50lb bags of layer feed and all purpose poultry if you are in need of bulks. If you are looking for organic feeds, we stock those as well.


We also stock a decent supply of poultry treats. Grit, oyster shell and a few other seed blends will give your chickens variety as well as the necessary minerals and vitamins to keep them healthy and producing good eggs.